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‘You don’t need a silver fork to eat good food’

Taste the adventure in our Wraps Pittas & Buns. I’ve created a vibrant menu emphasising the best ingredients available, seasoned with influences from around the world.

With my knowledge in food and passion for inventive and creative cuisine you can embark on a culinary journey with our Mexican, Arabic, Portuguese, American, Korean, Lebanese and Caribbean flavours.

We believe in keeping food fresh and simple, choose your world flavour add in your protein from fresh grilled chicken, lamb, beef or try our veggie options including halloumi and falafel. Sandwich it all up in a toasted wrap, pitta or bun with a smothering of sauce and lettuce. Our breads are delivered to each kitchen ready for toasting. Nice and simple.

Each flavour has been developed with ‘authentic’ in mind and comes with a ‘flavour themed’ sauce and crispy salad leaves. Your food will be bursting with flavour.

We’ve also included some tempting extra toppings to the menu, add your signature to your meal and have it your way too.

Together with our delicious sides and fresh natural smoothies you can take your tastebuds on an adventure with Wraps Pittas and Buns! Enjoy.

Zanab Mirza

All of our food is halal (حلال‎). We cannot guarantee our food is free from allergens and if you have an allergy, we recommend extreme caution. If you require further allergen information, please contact us via Instagram @wraps_pittas_buns for an allergen matrix.